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Earning her Keep

Hannah was great help to Aunt Lizzy while we were home. She loved helping her with her "cousin" Chili. She couldn't get enough of him. She would take you by the hand and drag you back to his room just to say HI to him. Note to Hank and Liz: If she starts asking for a pet, you guys are in trouble!

Hannah even helped with the landscaping! She made sure that each plant had the right amount of water...Until the sprayer came back and sprayed her in the face! Then the helping was over!

Across the street from Aunt Lizzy's house is a regular little farm full of horses and cows. Hannah wanted to run right into their pens. She started saying, "Moo, moo." Another new word!!! Yea!!!

Who knows? May this city girl is really a country girl after all!

Wouldn't it be nice if she grew up and still wanted to be so "helpful"? Uh... not holding my breath so I will enjoy it while I can.

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A Star Spangled Trip

We traveled north of the Red River for the 4th of July holiday. Ricky wanted to spend some time with the family (aka GOLF) so we took off Sunday for a week of fun in the big town of Stroud, America. We had a great time visiting with everyone. We spent the days shooting fireworks and cooking out.

It had been SOOOO long since we had even seen fireworks(we never could seem to locate the best spot for them here in FW and the traffic is horrendous!) much less shoot them off. And shoot them off we did! Hayden and Skylor had so many fireworks that it looked like a fireworks stand at Granny and PaPa's!

The first night Hannah wasn't even phased by them. The next night she ducked like she was avoiding gunfire in a drive-by! She LOVED the sparklers that Aunt Sarah helped her with. She would just shake, shake, shake! When she found an unlit one, she started to shake it and then realized it wasn't doing much. Off she went to find Uncle Josh (who was in charge of the lighting) so he could fix her up.

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous 4th! See you next year!

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Josh Peters

A day after Ricky and I celebrated our 5th anniversary we helped celebrate the union of another couple: Joni and Josh! Joni teaches 3rd grade with me at Chisholm and is a super sweet gal. It was nice to have Ricky actually go with me to a weekend function instead of me flying solo due to all of his wedding gigs. The wedding was very sweet and FULL of Aggie pride (which us Okies don't really understand! I call it a cult following of sorts!!!).

Carlynn and I were in charge of the programs and the cake. We even got a pretty little flower to wear!

Hannah spent the evening with one of Ricky's former students, Valerie, and her mom. They took her to NRH2O and had a blast. Since Hannah had joined us for our official anniversary dinner at Moni's, we decided to take advantage of the sitter time and had a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse with just the two of us. I teased him about whether or not we could last 45 more years... Time will only tell won't it?!?!? Congrats to the happy couple!!! We wish you the best!