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A Real Live Nephew of my Uncle Sam

While in Oklahoma over the July 4th holiday we not only celebrated America's independence, but the independence of Noah Donovan! You see Noah was born on the 4th of July (2004). He is our own little firecracker!

We had a nice little "Tonka Truck" party complete with a cookout, cake, AND fireworks! Noah got lots of great truck things: trucks, cars, books about trucks, and the favorite of the party: a HUMMER! It was a hit with everyone, especially the babies.

Unfortunately, Hannah didn't understand that it was Noah's special day and NOT hers! She SO wanted to ride the hummer and Noah wasn't about to part with his favorite toy. Who can blame him? I have a hard time sharing my favorite things with anyone and I am 30 years old!

After some yummy cake and cheesecake we headed outside to shoot off some fireworks. Lucky for us the rain had stopped and the evening turned out real nice. Hannah saw her chance to get some uninterrupted time in on the hummer and headed in with Daddy. She had such a good time. Looks like we will have to get her a car for her 2nd birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah! Noah will be rolling to a town near you in his hummer, (once he gets a later curfew that is) so be on the lookout!