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Monday: Hannah wakes up with tummy hurting. Throws up... Daddy stays home.
Andrew visits the doctor for an ear check. All is well until he starts throwing up that night.

Tuesday: Mommy stays home with Andrew. He is very clingy and wants to be held. Keeps his fluid down for the most part.

Wednesday: Andrew once again throws up at Auntie Chris's house. Daddy stays home.

Thursday: Everyone is healthy. Valentine's Day. Hannah and Andrew pick out some nice roses for Mommy. "Yellow is Mommy's favorite. My favorite is pink. I want purple". (Hannah's quote, just in case you were wondering!). I also received not ONE but SIX Tinkerbelle cards. Daddy tried to steer her to a single card purchase but she wanted the Tinkerbelle and it ONLY came with 6! We order in from Applebee's. GREAT DAY!

Friday: Andrew didn't sleep well nor did Ricky. I did until Andrew woke me up at 3. Hannah woke up DEAD tired. Didn't even open her eyes to put on her clothes. She went straight to bed at Auntie Chris's and slept until 10:15. Super cranky. Started running a mild fever. Called the doctor and in we go. Negative for the flu. Still whiney and hasn't eaten much all day. Andrew's belly is upset again. I have cleaned up two "spills" already and he finally went down for the night. Ricky is also down and out...

WOW! How much longer?!?!?!?! Thank goodness we have two days off... We are soooo running out of sick days. Praying it skips me! Off to Lysol the ENTIRE house!