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9 Month Check Up

Wow!  It's hard to believe that in 3 short months Andrew will be celebrating his 1st birthday!  It seems to go by in a blink of an eye...


We celebrated his 9 month birthday with a trip to Doctor Shori.  We had TWO pleasant surprises:  no shots and NO waiting!  We were in and out in no time.


Andrew checked in at 18.2 ounces and 27 1/2" tall.  He is now in the 15th-25th percentile (down from the 30th).  The doctor didn't seemed worried though since he is getting more mobile and has been pretty sick for the last 6 weeks or so.


His left ear was nice and clear which is great as that is ALWAYS the ear that seems to be clogged up.  The bad news is now he has fluid on his right ear and it is pink.  Now that means one of two things:  That the last ear infection he had moved to his ear and the antibiotics is clearing it up or that he has a NEW infection.  Ugh!  So back we go in two weeks to check and make sure it is no longer red.


He has been eating much better this month so I know he must be feeling better.  It seemed in December all he wanted to eat was his bottle and very little solids.  He is beginning to eat more and more table food and of course loving it.  He loves bananas especially.  He finds Hannah's Apple Jacks much more flavorful than his boring old Cheerios and also seems to have something in his mouth (food or non food!).


He cut his first tooth right after the new year and cut his second one this past Saturday.  He hasn't started cruising yet which I am kind of surprised as fast as he started crawling.  He hates to be alone and loves to be entertained by his sister's beautiful singing.


He is starting to be that "annoying" little brother who gets into things.  Hannah is forever telling him "No Andrew!" and telling me "Mommy, come get Andrew!  He is touching my things!".  I know that will be around for many years to come!


He has learned to wave to people and still loves his mommy.  He is starting to get a little "stranger danger" too.  He has also hit a HUGE milestone that Mommy and Daddy love:  sleeping through the night!  It started with going down at 10-11 and waking up between 5:30 and 6:00.  Now we are up to 8-9 and getting up at 6!  It is HEAVEN!!!!  I told Ricky I feel like a new woman even though I still have a few months to get caught up on.


He loves to stand at the wine cabinet and "holler" at the wine glasses.  Guess we can't start them too young... 


We will be having a barnyard theme for his first birthday come April.  We headed out SAT to find his goodies, but the choices were slim pickin' and I will probably have to turn to the internet to find what we need. 


Wow... three more months and we will be getting a raise:  NO more formula! 


Now if we could just get one of them potty trained we will be set!