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Big School: Here We Come...Ready or Not!

So tomorrow is the day...that's right we teachers have to work once again. Hannah and Andrew will be starting their year at the DC tomorrow. Hannah is SUPER excited to be in the 4's. "Mommy, am I a tall 4 yet?" is ALL I have heard all summer. I don't have the heart to tell her that VERTICAL is NOT her strength!

Anyway, we went to Meet the Teacher on FRI. Hannah was glad to see that Emmy and Logan would be at her table. She can't wait. She promised me NO reds this year. "Mommy, last year I got 4 greens and ONE red." Um...her memory is not her strong point either!

Andrew...well, we met his teacher. Good thing is that it is Hannah's teacher from the 3's class. They moved her down for the year. She already knows how BUSY our little man is and she is ready. He just played and played and played. I had to PULL him out of there. He is ready!!!!

No, he hasn't napped on a big boy bed yet, but he doesn't need his cup anymore and he does have a backpack. What else do you need?

Here's to a great year!!! One free of reds, swine flu, and ear infections! Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?