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One WILD Day!

As summer quickly draws to an end, I am making a MAD dash to my to-do list. It seems ALL of the things that I had planned for us, hasn't happened (even though we have been busy). One of them was to do a MAJOR update on our blog. I has been a LONG time. Well, that hasn't happened yet so I moved on to the fun side of our list.

So in attempts to knock off a few more fun things off of our list, I decided it was time for a family day. With the heat blazing down on us, whatever we do MUST be inside these days. So where else to go? The mall...Grapevine Mills to be exact with lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

The last time we took Hannah she was around Andrew's age. We went w/ K and Angie and Walter. She wasn't thrilled w/ all of the animal noises one bit. This time she was ready to go and even remembered when we took K.

Andrew just wants to go ANYWHERE. "Shoes, please." So he was game. However, when we got there, it was another story. He HATED the elephants. He sat quietly on the daddy's lap while Hannah and I walked around. "Elephants scare me momma."

Through the whole lunch, he was very scared when any of the animals started to move and make noise. Thankfully, the waterfall was drowning out his cries.

Enter the balloon man: He made Hannah a pink unicorn and Andrew this way cool airplane with a handle. They LOVED them! He saved the day! We left the cafe and walked around the mall w/ our balloon animals. Everyone loved the plane. It was pretty cool! Everyone was happy...until Andrew bit a hole in his handle and popped it...then there was crying. Oh, well...that is something we do every day, so no big deal!

Hopefully, with any luck, we will continue to update some passed events. We are getting TONS of requests (AKA...complaints) about the lack of news feeds coming out. We have been having server issues (AKA: just being lazy!). Hoping