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Week 30 Visit

Back to the doctor I went yesterday. Everything is checking out fine. I am measuring exactly to 30 weeks although I feel like I am way bigger!

The baby's heartbeat was fine and he was kicking up a storm. I even got to sneak in a little nap while I waited for the doctor. What could be better than an uninterrupted nap without Hannah hitting me in the face going, "Wake up, Mommy!"

The best news is that I had passed my 3 hour test last week. I was still concerned that I was at risk of my sugar level elevating as the weeks went on. She said that yes there is always a chance as the placenta continues to grow, BUT my sugar levels were no where near high at all! I guess it is true what they say, "Boys are definitely much easier to raise!" The weird thing is that I even lost 2 pounds since my last visit!

Baby boy is starting to get a little cranky with the amount of wiggle room he has. He doesn't like it when I sit straight up and sure lets me know it. I am sure as he continues to grow and his" bachelor pad" continues to shrink we will keep battling each other for space.

Well, we are nearing the end...if he follows his sister's lead of 36 weeks that is. Although I have this reoccurring fear that he will be a 42 weeker! Who knows?!?!?! Better start thinking about getting the cradle down just in case!