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Birthday Dinner at Babes Chicken.

Today, I turned 31. The family and I, along with Josh and his clan celebrated by going to Babe's chicken Mmmmmmm. All they serve is fried chicken or chicken fried steak. All the fixins are served family style. Does a restaurant need to serve anything else? The picture on their website must have been taken when they were closed because all those chairs you see are always filled with people drinking beer from a cooler. Roanoke, Texas is a small town. I'd bet Stroud is bigger.

I, of course, had the chicken fried steak. And my birthday cake was a biscuit covered in honey with a candle in it. They also made me wear this nappy chicken hat. Hannah liked it so that's okay with me. Thank you all for the cards and gifts. Speaking of gifts, I got a RC new toy. Post to follow!