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Happy 2nd Birthday to Hannah

Our little girl is officially TWO! Her birthday celebration started off by going to IHOP where she got her very own funny face pancake. (She usually just eats off our plates.) But today she is a BIG girl. All she ate off her pancake were the chocolate chips and the cherries for eyes, AND SHE STILL ATE OFF OUR PLATES. She like sausage and hash browns. After breakfast Cameron came over so her mommy could clean up their house (The big birthday bash was at Cameron's house because we got a two for one special)

At the party the Hannah acted her age. Terrible two! She got mad when it was someone else's turn to hit the pinata and she got mad when we tried to take her picture with Cameron. I think she cried less on her 1st birthday. In between fits everyone had a blast. Hannah and Cameron both got Elmo Potties (Thanks Granny!) and a bunch of other toys that MAKE NOISE are educational.

We still need to work on her blowing out the candles and even blowing on hot food for that matter. When she blows the only thing that moves is her bangs. It seems if she can't feel the wind on her face she isn't doing it right? Oh well Happy Birthday Hannah!

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