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Well, the first official Gode family holiday is over. A wonderful time was had by all. Hannah slept well and napped well. Eating dinner out in a restaurant was another story! Seems she doesn't really care for those sit down style places. She would much rather be eating on the run somewhere less formal. We found just the place for her in Corpus... The What-A-Burger by the Bay!

Not really all that fancy as far as cuisine, but definitely a site to see. It reminded me of the world famous McD's in Vinita, OK that stretches across the interstate in the shape of the Golden Arches. It was a double decker W built in 1999 to honor the founding father of the Big W. He was a Corpus Christi native. They are VERY proud of him as the whole town had a gazillion little What-A-Burgers ALL over the place.

We enjoyed a nice breakfast on the top level (inside of course) Ricky seems to melt in extreme humidity. How is that when he is a "native" of the Islands?!?!?

After breakfast we posed for a few quick family portraits on the balcony. The Davis leg of our team left shortly there after for FW. We tried to send Hannah with them, since she was in tears about Aunt Chris leaving, but NO such luck! Her car seat wasn't IN the black car like it usually is!

Hannah found a "friend" outside. Here she is with the founder of What-A-Burger showing her appreciation for a wonderful breakfast!

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Shore is FUN!

Oh, the beach! Who knew how much us landlocked dwellers could enjoy it! Everyone had such a good time soaking up some rays as well as some sand. The babies had a good time digging in the sand. They did venture out into the water every once in a while. Noah liked to run out a bit and then giggle and run toward the shore when the waves came back in. Hannah had a good time "surfin" the waves with Uncle Josh. Ok, give her a break! She is just 20 months old. This WAS surfing for her!!!

Myra wasn't too sure of the water at first and kept saying, "I really like this mud!". After a bit she warmed up to getting a little wet and had a fabulous time.

The big boys spent the afternoon "diving" head first into waves. Apparently , this is a lot of fun when you are 30 or close to it!

Christina and I spent most of our time patrolling the beach and making sure Hannah and Noah weren't fighting over the shovels! Ahhhh, the joys of vacationing with toddlers!!!

All and all the beach proved to be the big winner of the trip. Who knows we might even make it an annual event. Maybe we will hit Galveston Beach next year. Any takers?!?!?!