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Donut Anyone?

After church they always serve doughnuts. I have heard parents bribe their kids with "If you want a donut after church, you better be good!" I couldn't wait until that worked with Hannah. She doesn't exactly have the best church going reputation. Although, I always get comments on how CUTE she is. I am sure they are really thinking, "Glad she is not sitting with me!" She is so wiggly!

We normally don't even last through the recessional let alone for breakfast! But today she was good. She didn't even act up! Although when we went up to communion, she tried to take a host out of Father's bowl. She is SO ready for her First Communion!

After church she was outside when they brought out the donuts. She made a mad dash AND squeal straight over to the table to get one. The boy passing them out gave her one and I quickly intercepted it and gave her half, but she didn't care! She was in heaven! She was so good on the drive back home from Azle. I kept telling her, "See when you are good at church, we get donuts!" Hopefully, she will remember that next Sunday!

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Who's Your Daddy?

As Hannah nears the 20 month mark her vocabulary is gradually increasing and I do mean gradually. She isn't exactly a "Gabby Gode" yet, but given who her parents are I am not really worried. She will get there soon enough. I am already dreading those phone calls from her teachers!

Anyway, the other morning when we were getting ready for church, she wandered into our closet. All of a sudden I hear "Dada". Now she has said that for a while and even knows what it means, so I just kept going. She KEPT saying it over and over so I go into the closet and find her looking at a picture of Ricky. She was recognizing him through a picture! I thought alright! What about me?

Well, he had found some pictures from Las Vegas some 5 years back. Now granted I am not as skinny as I was then, but I thought she MIGHT still be able to tell who I was. After all I am the one she whines to ALL of the time! No such luck. Didn't have a clue who I was!

Fast forward to church... We have to sit in the cry room. Not b.c she cries all the time, but b.c she RUNS everywhere: on the altar, out the door, etc... For the first time she didn't cry when we got in the cry room. She was even pretty good through the service.

About half way through she starts looking out the window and says, "Dada, Dada" over and over. I look up and sitting in front of the window is a Filipino guy! He could hear her, too. I am sure he thought, "Uh... lady do I KNOW you?"

Hannah just KNEW that her daddy was out there waiting on her! I was cracking up! I must admit though that my little Filipino guy was MUCH better looking then him.

When I went to communion I told him that her daddy was Filipino too, and his wife said, "I thought that might be!" What a hoot!

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Prestwick Portraits Latest Visitors

The portrait studio has been "put away" for a while due to the fact that Ricky purchased the mega roll of backdrops. It is so big that it makes it difficult to even get out of the backdoor when it is up.

Anyway, we had 2 recent requests for portraits so we opened up shop once again. Last Friday we had not one cutie patootie but 2! Madison Kate made her "first" appearance at the studio. The last time she was "here" for pics she was still in the belly so that doesn't really count! She brought her latest swim wear to model for us along with some very precious smiles!

As soon as Maddy was done in walked William. William is making a repeat visit to the studio. He came at 2 months and was quite the chub chub. Well, now he is 4 months old and even more chubby! He sure doesn't miss a meal. He is about 4 or 5 pounds lighter than Hannah! He was quite photogenic and gave us lots of great shots until we tried him in his swim wear. Seems he is a little more shy about bearing ALL for the camera so we cut our losses and moved on.

Hannah sure wanted to help "wrangle" the babies for the photos, but her idea of wrangling is not exactly the best. She wanted to climb on TOP of the ottoman with the babies and sit VERY close! She gave up after a few attempts and settled on just observing. Since someone was feeling of little jealous of her daddy shooting other babies, we broke out her suit to give her a little model time as well.

After working so hard we were starving! So off to Chick-Fil-A we went with William and his mom and dad. Hannah wanted to HOLD him so much. She just kept touching him!

PS Maddy's pics had a little bit of a lighting issue due to a few factors: 1. We forgot to get out the extra flash and 2. We had to turn off the overhead light b/c she really didn't care for it. She plans on coming back to the studio for retakes very soon!