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Santa Sighting!!!

Last night while Daddy was out flying his glider (he just HAD to go right after school b/c the wind was PERFECT) Hannah and I journeyed over to the Cotton Patch to get started on dinner. The hostess sat us at a table next to a "grandpa/grandma type" couple. I am always glad when we sit next to people that don't mind a little busy body. After we ordered Hannah got a little "too" busy so I got up and walked around with her.

This "grandpa" had a snow white beard and Hannah was mesmerized by him! She held out her arms to him and he took her. She then proceeded to "talk" with him like they were long lost friends! She even picked up his broccoli and began to eat it. She kept saying this same "word" over and over. It sounded like house. I told him I think she wants you to come to her house.

I started to tease him and told Hannah, "Tell Santa what a good girl you have been this year." She just chatted with him. "Santa" asked me to sit down and visit and so we did for about 15 minutes. Finally, our food came so I picked Hannah up and started to head back to the table. In the mean time the man was pulling something out of his wallet: his business card.

See for yourself! I DO believe!!! Santa lives right here in Lake Worth!!! He and Mrs. Claus were just enjoying a nice cozy dinner after a busy holiday season. I am sure it won't be long before he starts looking at his "famous" lists: the naughty or nice. Which list will YOU be on???