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Andrew's First Stitches (But 2nd time to the ER)

I'm pretty sure with his personality this wont be our last trip to the ER. On Daddy's watch, Andrew tried to jump from dining room chair to dining room chair. He didn't make it and the side of the wooden chair caught him right above his eye.

Nothing bleeds like the head, and there was blood everywhere. He cried most of the way to the Care Now clinic, but when we got there he was climbing all over the furniture like nothing had ever happened.

They call us back and in comes Stone Cold Steve Austin in smocks. I'm not kidding. This guy was HUGE and ripping out of his smocks. He was bald and had tribal tattoos from his wrist, up his arms on his neck and on to his bald head. I'm pretty sure no one would say anything, because he did look just like Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was really nice and said he had a little boy who was two also. I have never seen Andrew lie so still. He let them poke and clean out his cut. It was a DEEP cut. On the wall they had this backboard looking restraining device that they were getting ready to get out, but Andrew didn't need it. (Someone did come in and get it for another patient)

The cut didn't require stitches, only Dermabond. They put the glue on and after a few weeks it peeled itself off. I think it healed up nicely.