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My "Twelve" Days of Christmas

Saturday: One SUPER cranky toddler

Sunday: Two whiny kids and tons of "runny" diapers

Monday: Two rounds of throw up and one call to Subfinder

Tuesday: Sub plans at 6:00am, lots of poopy diapers, one cranky toddler, baby down at 4:00pm and didn't wake up until 7:00 the NEXT morning.

Wednesday: Sick kid at the sitter's,trying to find the daddy (he was at a workshop) half day sub plans, super cranky boy, call from the daycare center for Hannah (her ear), call to the dr, they had no appointments, off to Urgent Care, diagnosis: ear infection, no school until FRI, off to CVS for RXs, back home to whiny boy, fought to give the meds to the girl, 7:00pm SUB plans...

Thursday: Middle of the night wake up, off to run errands, call from the sitter: super cranky boy, call back to the dr, another dr appointment which Andrew SCREAMED the entire time, diagnosis: ANOTHER ear infection, off to CVS for RXs, baby throws up his entire first dose of Zythromax, call to after hours nurse, no more meds tonight and call dr in the am...

Friday: Back to work I go. The boy stays home w/ the Daddy and is finally able to eat and be happy. Back to get another RX from CVS and this time he kept it down.

Honestly, I don't think I could make it 12 days if THIS kept up! Luckily, it seems we are on the mend.

Hannah even ran in the Jingle Bell jog w/ me. She would have come in 3rd for Pre-K (but this tired mommy left her label at home!) Oh, she was happy to get her green ribbon. She even saw her school librarian running the race and waved real big at her. We got a balloon flower and even sat on Santa's lap.

Andrew is MUCH happier. He is eating EVERYTHING in sight and is back to playing/aggravating her all at the same time.

My kids at school have hardly seen me at all. Hopefully, this week will be "normal" as it can be.

Good thing it didn't happen this week as we are going to the Lodge, Great Wolf Lodge (howl...) w/ my side of the family. It is our Christmas celebration and I know they would have been sad to miss as would the Daddy and I!

Here is the boy in his new "George" jammies and back to that happy face.

Here is Hannah and Cameron at the Jingle Bell "Walk" as she called it. It was SOOOO cold and windy but we had fun.

Here's to a very HEALTHY week for us all....