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Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah Grace!

Wow! Has it BEEN four years since we started this journey into parenthood? At times it seems like AGES but when I look back it all has gone by in the blink of an eye.

Hannah has finally turned her attention off of Dora and onto something new: MERMAIDS! She is an Ariel fanatic! The other day the TV asked her (and the rest of America) what she wanted to be when she grew up and she turned and looked at me (very seriously) and said, "I want to be a MERMAID!".

She sings her "haunting" mermaid song throughout the house. It almost sounds like she is pain, but in her eyes it just like ARIEL's majestic voice. It is soooo funny!

She is enjoying big school. She has mostly good days. Here lately she has decided that napping isn't all that fun, but calling out your friends' names DURING naptime is soooo much better. She loves playing with all her friends and is learning lots.

She entertains herself for HOURS with anything and everything and loves to sing and dance.

We finally turned the corner this summer on potty training. She officially became a big girl this summer. I know, I know... Many say "Um, well, she IS almost 4." However, I tried EVERY trick in the book and she was really a determined Missy to do just quite the opposite since it wasn't her idea at all. Once she decided it was time, she didn't look back.

She loves to run and play with Andrew. They chase each other back and forth. She can be a great help with him and I even think she has forgotten that she really wanted a SISTER. The way they both giggle when they play is just music to my ears. Now don't get me wrong. He SURE knows how to make her squeal and that makes HIM giggle every time he does it.

She is definitely hitting the I am 4 stage with TONS of questions. She loves to read books at night. She goes to children's church on Sundays with the big kids.

On another note she is FINALLY 30 pounds and big enough for a booster. She can't WAIT to get it. She wants one with flowers. At this rate she will be able to take off the back part by the time first grade gets here! It may be 3rd grade though before we can kiss the booster goodbye. My dainty little kids!

Here's is to another year older, Miss Hannah Montana Banana (as Ms. Janetta lovingly refers to her as). We can't wait to see what this next year holds for you.

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Boo Boo Alert

Yep, I get the call on FRI afternoon from the nurse at Hannah's school that she had fallen on the playground. She said she was fine but had a pretty good bruise on her cheek.

I ran off to get her thinking she would be hysterical (she can be so DRAMA sometimes) but she was fine. She had a little bump on her cheek and a Boo Boo Report in her cubby.

She told me she fell off the swing during recess. She even ran to get her "report" to show me.

Fast forward to a few days later. The little bump turned in to an UGLY black eye just in time for her birthday party on SUN at Sunshine Glaze. She looks like the dog on the Little Rascals. It is too funny. People are always asking her who she got in a fight with.

Here she is today. It is looking better, but it still looks like a bad makeup job from the 80's. I guess the good news is that it took her almost 4 years to get something like this. Now Andrew, I am sure he won't wait THAT long!