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Week 15 Visit

I went back to the doctor last week for my 15th week check-up. Not much new to report. I have only gained about 6 pounds so far. My morning/evening sickness has FINALLY turned the corner ( I think!). I seem to be able tolerate most smells now.

I did have one scary minute or two although it seemed like an hour. The nurse came in to check the baby's heartbeat. She placed the Doppler where she thought it SHOULD have been. I could hear some little flutters, but no heartbeat except for mine. Her face got real long. Finally, she moved it up to the right side of my belly button and there it was beating away.

She said normally they are not so high this early on. It seems that the right side of my belly MUST be the most comfortable b/c that is exactly where Hannah hung out for months. Next time we will know... but who knows where it will be in 4 weeks. Already not following directions! This will drive his/her teacher mom crazy!

Since my next appointment should fall on Christmas, I was able to squeeze one in before the holidays on the 21st. I was hoping she would schedule my ultrasound sooner, but she is holding out closer to the 20 week mark. Oh, well... I am sure I will be wanting a day off later on in the month as the kids get more antsy for the break. I might even be able to squeeze in some last minute shopping!!!

Looks like Hannah's Santa gift will have to be a little late since she is getting her big girl room for Christmas. We have to wait and see what this little booger is before we decide which room to move her in. I think she is ready for her big girl bed. She loves to climb in bed with me and lay her little head down on the pillows like a "grown-up".

Here is the big sis with Cameron on one of their recent sleep over's. She seems so little to be in such a big bed, but our little Thumper is growing up!

Check back in 3 weeks for the great reveal! Hopefully, this little booger won't be shy... If not, it may have to wait until MAY, I mean April.