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.: This is my Remote Control Airplane Hangar. Every plane I fly or have flown is on this page

Clouds Fly
HK-450 Pro TT
ParkZone Ultra Micro J3-Cub
Micro P-40
T-REX 500
EPP Dominator
P-51 Mustang
EPP 260
Blade MSR
EPP Fokker D. VII
Align TREX 250
Blade MCX
ParkZone Vapor
E-Flite P-38
EPP Stearman
EPP Terminator
EPP Contender
Parkzone Micro Citabria RTF
RadioShack Blackout Helicopter
AirHogs Aeroace Sport
EPP Extra 300S
AirHogs Havoc Heli
AirHogs Storm Launcher
F4U Corsair
Shock Flyer
Liftworx Swyft
Blade CX
Kadet LT-40
AirHogs Aero Ace
Pico Stick
Zagi 400
Read my review of the
Sig Somethin Extra
Somethin Extra
Extra Special

Read my review of the
B-2 Stealth Bomber

Flitecraft 300 Extra
B2 Stealth Bomber
Kombat 40 Airmadillo
Hobbico Superstar 40

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