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.: How to make a Laptop Picture Frame


1st find a working laptop and install all software that you are going to use to make a slideshow work on your laptop. Here we used linux. After everything is working properly, then start taking things apart. We began by removing the battery.

Each laptop is different, but usually there are two screws in the back that look like they hold the screen on, but really hold the front bezel.


Now carefully pull or pry the front bezel off. This exposes the screws that are needed to remove the keyboard and get to the video card underneath.

Remove the keyboard by unscrewing three little screws above the keys. It is plugged into the motherboard with a small thin ribbon cable.


To get to the where the monitor plugged into the video card we had to remove this thingy. We couldn't throw it away as it had the on/off switch.

Gently remove the ribbon cable connecting the monitor to the motherboard.


Now we can remove the Monitor from the rest of the laptop. 4 screws are needed to remove it.


With the monitor removed, we can now disassemble the framing so all that we have is the LCD screen.

The screws are usually hidden under these little rubber disks. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry them loose.

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