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.: How to make a Laptop Picture Frame


The front frame was very flexible, use a flat blade screwdriver to pry the frame loose.

Find and remove all screws that hold the LCD screen to the its backing so that all you are left with is just the LCD screen.

Remove any hardware that is not needed. Here we are removing the CD-Rom.

I'm pretty sure this is a modem. We didn't strip our laptops down as much as others have. I only removed major hardware that I knew we wouldn't need.

I mounted the LCD Screen to the bottom of the laptop. I used those little foam inserts that you get in CD-R cases to allow for better ventilation between the LCD screen and the laptop.

I used hotglue to attach the foam and carefully glued them to the LCD screens. Now would be a good to make sure they still work.

I used shadow boxes I got at Hobby Lobby. They look great and both laptops fit perfectly.

I used my Altos Mat Cutter to cut a custom mat for the LCD screen.

The mats look great and give it that 'professional' look.

I choose pegboard to use as a backing because I thought it would help with ventilation.

Using a 7/8 paddle bit, cut a couple of ventilation holes for the fan, and a hole for the power cord.

Epp foam secures the laptop (The stuff fun noodles in swimming pools are made of) Scrap wooden blocks are attached to the corners with brad nails so that the pegboard backing can be securely installed holding in everything.

The pegboard is held on by four screws installed in the wooden blocks. Since we didn't know how to move the power switch, we had to cut a hole in the back so we could turn the laptop on and off.

Josh installed a very small version of linux called "Damn Small Linux" 50 Mb compared to a typical windows XP install at around 5 GB or higher it is very lightweight.

Finished, Josh set up the frame to sync with a folder on his website that family and friends can upload. That way the frame will always have new (or old) photos.

Because the laptop syncs folders it will always have photos even if the wireless internet connection doesn't work.

Because pegboard was used for the backing, I was able to use a hanging tool that fits securely in the back enabling the frame to be set at an angle.

I used a piece of scrap wood to make the viewing angle perfect. I just need to get some rubber ends so that the metal ends don't scratch anything.
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