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.: Hobbico SuperStar 40

Trainer AWARF (All Wood Almost Ready to Fly)
OS .40 LA
60 in.
5.5 lbs.
660 sq. in.
19.2 oz./sq. ft.
Futaba Attack4 w/ 4 servos
My Trainer and I just moments before disaster



Okay here's the story. I went flying at the local RC field in Stillwater, OK with my friend Josh. Now I'm not blaming him because he wasn't flying, but it is his fault. He brought out a camera and thought it would be cool to take some pictures of me flying. First he made me tie a piece of yellow ribbon on the tale of the aircraft which no doubt added drag and led to its demise.

During the first flight of the day I flew the trainer just like a trainer. Nice slow turns and low passes down the runway and so on. Then Josh asked me to do a loop, and I did. Now here is where Josh's ignorance of aircraft surfaced, he asked me to do an outside loop. (As we all know an outside loop is virtually impossible with almost all trainers because of the design of the wing and lack of power.) I told him it couldn't be done, then preceded to execute the maneuver all the while telling him it couldn't be done. I forgot however, that in fact it couldn't be done with my airplane and yet I was doing it, but straight into the ground. The plane was unrepairable. My first RC plane destroyed. That's okay though, I got another one. One that wouldn't be destroyed by another persons suggestion. A Kombat Airmadillo.

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