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.: B-2 Wattage Stealth Bomber

For the B-2 to have successful flights outdoors there must be ABSOLUTELY NO WIND! This aircraft is so light that the slightest breeze will push it upside down and either gain or lose altitude in an instant.

My first few attempts at flying it proved to be less than successful. The batteries were not charged fully (I didn't think it needed it) and it.was a bit breezy maybe 5 mph wind. After I fully charged the batteries and there was little to no wind it flew pretty good.

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Here are some videos of the B2. They were taken before Windows Media Player was popular, so they are in Real Player format.
B2 Flying
(21.1 sec)

B2 Crash
(27.5 sec)

B2 Launch
(21.1 sec)
Electric Indoor/Outdoor Flying Wing
Global Hobby Distributors
Twin Electric Engines
33.8 in.
4.95 oz.
1.37 sq. in.
17.8 oz./sq. ft.
Futaba 8UAF w/ 2 micro servos
Flying the B02 in a park
outside Anna's old apartments
Flying the B02 at Thunderbird Field
Bringing in the B-2 for
another sucessful landing.
Flights last about two to three minutes. The instruction manual said up to five minutes (yeah right). I ran the engines at full throttle and they quit soon after three minutes. The kit comes with a quick.charger that will get you back in the air in about twenty minutes.

The second day of flying proved to be a valuable learning experience. ABSOLUTELY NO WIND. The first couple of flights went great with the wind, but when I tried to turn into the wind the wind just pushed the plane into the ground, no damage though. My final flight at dusk proved to be the best so far, it almost looked like I was in control.


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