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.: AirHogs Storm Launcher

T he AirHogs Storm Launcher is an all terrain vehicle that is at home on land, sea, and air. It has a hydrofoil that pushes air down as it moves along the ground or water creating lift. This video created by Michael & Earnst caused a huge stir in the RC modeling world and soon many people were copying their design. I happen to know both of them and it was a real treat to see their design go into mass production. Although it doesn't fly like the video, with a few modifications it comes close.      
Here are some videos of the AirHogs Storm Launcher. You must have Windows Media Player in order to view them.
Hydrofoil Boat/Plane
2 Custom 2900Kv CD-Rom Motors
15 in.
10.4 oz.
19.25 in.
Futaba 8UAF w/ 2 servos
The "Wall Crall" showing the
power of the CD-Rom Motors

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