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.: Install Development Tools

The LinkStation lacks virtually all necessary development tools, such as binutils or gcc, making it quite difficult to natively compile programs. Are you struggling to build a C compiler without a C compiler? The development tools project aims to solve this problem by offering a complete package of precompiled development tools and related libraries. Although certain tools from this package may work on a stock LinkStation, the development tools are specifically designed to be used on LinkStations with OpenLink firmware. You may download the latest version from the downloads area.

Installation Instructions
MIPSel (LS2)


mkdir tmp
cd tmp
wget http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/LS2_MIPSel/DevelopmentTools/NativeToolchains/mipsel-tools-2_1.tgz
mkdir devtools
cd devtools
tar -xzvf ../mipsel-tools-2_1.tgz


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