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SoC with CPU 400MHz IDT 79RC32434-400BC with MIPSel 4Kc CPU core
Flash ROM 4MB Macronix MX29LV320T.
USB NEC µPD720101GJ USB2.0 Host Controller. Two of five ports connected with type-A connectors (rear: /dev/usb/lp0, front: /dev/usb/lp1)
NIC Part of the SoC. Connected via MII to separate physical receiver (PHYceiver) Realtek RTL8201CP Single-Port 10/100M Fast Ethernet PHYceiver
IDE Controller IT8211 PCI IDE disk controller.
Stock Firmware 2.x
Microcontroller MC68HC908JL8
Microcontroller Analysis mipsel-hdhlan Microcontroller Analysis and Kuroguy's analysis of the pin functions
Benchmarks mipsel-hdhlan Benchmarks
Bootloader mipsel-hdhlan Boot Loader Overview
Flash ROM mipsel-hdhlan Flash ROM Analysis
Hardware mipsel-hdhlan Overview
Fan 40mm x 10mm 12V, ADDA part #AD0412LX-G76
Kernel mipsel-hdhlan Kernel
LED mipsel-hdhlan LED Analysis
Software mipsel-hdhlan Filesystem contents
Serial Access Add_a_Serial_port_to_the_MIPS_Linkstation


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