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Mommy's Little Gloworm

Mandi Siebert rickgode [at] gmail [dot] com
2007/5/5 23:29

CONGRATULATIONS! Those darn boys always seem to make us females suffer. Ha Ha! I can not wait to meet the little guy.

Tara Crockett rickgode [at] gmail [dot] com
2007/5/5 23:27

Andrew is beautiful! I am excited to meet him. Congrats to both of you.

Joni rickgode [at] gmail [dot] com
2007/5/5 23:26

He is PRECIOUS!! Hannah is so good with him! What a BIG sister! I am so glad you are both doing good!

Granny Bernadette2 [at] valornet [dot] com
2007/5/5 19:25

He`s looking good. Can`t wait to see him again. Everyone thought his picture in the Stroud American was so clear skinned for a newborn.