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joe soko
2007/4/27 00:33


2007/4/27 00:29

Congratulations!!!! He is so beautiful...I cant wait to see more pics! And I love his name. I hope everyone is doing great!

2007/4/26 18:30

Not a better day to be born...he is adorable!
Here, Here to boys!
Love and kisses

Karen Reid
2007/4/26 18:22

Congratulations! He looks so sweet.

2007/4/26 18:04

I am so proud of both of you. Cameron cannot wait to meet her newest playmate. He is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jerry & Jill
2007/4/26 17:31

Congrats!!! We are very excited for you guys.

Estella Diaz
2007/4/26 17:18

Beautiful...everyone is talking about the baby at school... Seriously Cute!
We miss you already!

2007/4/26 14:36


Uncle Hank & Aunt Lizzy
2007/4/26 13:44

We are so excited for you all! We can not wait to meet little Andrew Dawson!

2007/4/26 12:37

So happy for you! Congratulations and we can not wait to meet him!