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Practice Run...

R. Gode rrgode [at] hotmail [dot] com
2007/4/17 15:33

Sounds like Ricky all over again! Benny was taken to the hospital when her water broke, and I was prepared to greet my son at that time. Ricky wasnt ready though. After 3 false starts (and being sent home 3 times), Ricky decided he was ready.
When I arrived home (3rd time) my neighbor told me that the hospital wanted me back....
Ricky was waiting for me when I got there.
Contrary wasnt he!

Granny Bernadette2 [at] valornet [dot] com
2007/4/13 23:44

Babies take their own sweet time. The night you were born Dad spent the evening playing ball with the Harlem Wizards a knockoff of the Globetrotters. This was before cellphones so he was in pretty much trouble when he got home 10ish to me needing to go to hospital. Things worked out and you made your appearance in the wee hours of the morning without a Dr. only the RN named Patsy Hatter. Dr. Jones was trying to keep the hospital open by himself when Dr. Markert was off doing service hours for a drug conviction so they called him at the last moment. He arrived just after you were born. I was joking he better not charge me for this. He didn`t and after insurance I had a small credit to my account.He paid me to take you home.