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2005/1/13 20:10

Great Pic of her sleeping. Chris got a good one of her cheesing in the swing today. She seems to really like that thing.

Aunt Lizzy
2005/1/10 22:47

Baby Hannah looks so sweet in her crib. It looks as if she is having a wonderful dream! I am so glad that she is sleeping well in her own room! Can\'t wait to see finished pics!

2005/1/10 03:14

No daddy didn\'t cheat. He used the fajita fold he learned at McDonalds. Where one side is left open and the other side is closed. (See attached Pic)

Aunt Chris and Uncie Josh
2005/1/10 03:12

Did Daddy use the \"Cheater\'s Burrito Wrapper\"? (Just wondering if it\'s as good as the real thing.)